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kate spade kaleidoscope specs polka dot multicolor iphone 4 case

People are often literal. If you say your name is Vivian, they assume you are a girl. Hence kate spade must come with a spade? NOOO. Miss spade is probably too fed up with the little spade she needs to carry her whole life, her mama created a beautiful polka dots range this summer.Who says summer has to be bright yellow, green or pink? Bring it to the next level with the polka dots. Polkie had never look so beautiful on Miss kate spade’s Iphone 5.Get this Kate spade sprinkles iphone 4 case now. Price S$80. Click here to purchase

Check out other Kate Spade Polka Dots Iphone case.

1) Kate spade Le Pavillion Jewel yellow polka dot iphone case

kate spade resin iphone case polka dots yellow le pavillion jewels

S$60. Click here to purchase

2) Kate spade newsprint dot iphone 5 case
kate spade newsprint polka dot iphone5 pink
S$80. Click here to purchase

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iphone 5

Ok, so you stayed for hours in the queue and get your coveted Apple iPhone 5 . Before you happily bring it out to flaunt it, it is good to check out these must have accessories for iphone 5.

1) Apple iPhone 5 Screen Protector

iphone 5 screen protector

The Skinomi TechSkin iPhone 5 Screen Protector is one of the best iphone 5 screen protector available. Made of is clear thermoplastic urethane Film – the same Film used to protect military aircrafts and NASA space shuttles. It has the ability to resist high levels of abrasion, making it the ultimate protector for gadgets and devices. The Film basically “scratch-proofs” your device- it can withstand the claws of cats, witches or vain ladies with long plastic nails. Best part-it comes with a life guarantee. Bearing it mind it just costs you US$5.95, it is really worth it. Price US$5.95. Click here to purchase

2) OtterBox iPhone 5 case

iphone 5 otterbox

This is probably the best iphone case in the world. If you have been getting this for your iphones 1,2,3 and 4, it is strongly advised that you make this a tradition and get it for your iphone 5 as well. Price: US$29.78.Click here to purchase.

3)Micro USB adapter to Apple Lightning connector
micro usb adapter iphone 5
Connects to all your micro USB cables and compatible chargers. A must have especially if you have been an iphone user since day 1 and had all these cables which is now USELESS. Price US$4.90.Click here to purchase


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miu miu iphone case

What is in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name it would smell as sweet.

Juliet can says that confidently to Romeo, but as for us, we can’t say the same. Especially if it is a Miumiu rose iphone case
icon. With a hue of baby pink and red, it embodies sweet, cute and sexy in an instance. There is definetely a difference in the name miu miu. Somehow it makes this rose smell sweeter. Price S$347.82. Click here to purchase

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ipad mini

There comes a time when you need to do a duplicate- duplicates of all the files you have on the system, duplicates of all the online bank statements etc. Hence it just seems a natural thing when the very successful ipad, after 3 generations, decides to produce an off spring that is entirely in its image except that it is smaller, just to make sure it justifies its status as a mini, or a minor in the world of apple. They call him IPad Mini

As it is a duplicate, there is not much difference between the IPad Mini and the the rest of the ipads except that
1) You can connect it to LTE -Which means you can connect to internet faster
2) 7.9 inch display screen-simply means it is smaller, or just slightly smaller.

As any proud father would be, Apple claims that the ipad mini is still “every inch an ipad” and that you can “hold him in one hand”. Of course we know it is inches shorter than ipad. As for holding him in one hand, it really depends on how big your palm is. If you are a professional footballer who towers at 2.5m but happens to have small palm, you might not be able to do it.
Although every body is not talking about ipad mini much simply because it is more a clone and an innovation, these tiny tablets will still be flying out of apple stores at lightning speed come Nov 2. The whole idea- fork out at least US$459 to get an ipad mini so you can tell the world that there is not much difference between an ipad and a mini.
In the world of apple, only real fans live.

Buy one now at any apple store or Ciick here to purchase

It is interesting to note that with the same price of the new ipad mini, you can actually purchase the older first generation ipad. If you can excuse the LTE and the weight, maybe you can seriously give the older ipad a look. click here to purchase

chanel iphone case red

It is red.It is Chic. It has the classic quilted look they call chanel matelasse.It is elegant. It is beautiful. It is…………………..


Check out this Chanel red matelasse Iphone case
iconPrice S$892.11.Click here to purchase

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kate spade iphone case

I was just wondering how have my chatty friend Kate been. She was not seen in parties where she normally fancies to attend or in virtual social world like facebook.Hence when i bumped into her with her new kate spade iphone case, i can’t help but says “wow”. Not just because i saw her, but also because of this pretty pastel colour Kate Spade iphone case. With such a sporty theme iphone case, ” You must have been busy playing tennis huh” i can’t help but exclaimed. Just when i thought i can invite her to join me on some tennis excursions, she sighed ” not on the court, but in the fields”. I gasped. I was so afraid she might says “on the bed” which could totally contamined our hi and bye friendship and force our relationship to move in the direction filled with dirty tales. Phew, at least she hold back the details on how she had been chasing a few pairs of pants. Of course with such a pretty Kate Spade iphone case, our conversation immediately swift to where she bought it, how she loved it and how all her friends complimented her on it.There is always a Kate Spade iphone case to save the day. Price” US$13.96.Click here to purchase

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kate spade strips iphone


If you think strips are boring, or of dull colors, let kate spade proves you wrong. The cheery bright orange white strips not only redefine the definition of strips, it also widen the look of an Iphone. My iphone had never look so fat, thanks to the illusion of cheery strips. Plus it had a pocket slot to put your cards. Awesome. Price S$85.00 .Click here to purchase

If single strips bores you, check out other lovely kate spade “diagonal stripes” or checked Iphone cases:-

Kate spade gingham checks (blue) iphone 5 case

kate spade iphone blue strips checks

S$75. Click here to purchase


Kate spade gingham checks (orange) iphone 5 case

kate spade iphone orange strips gingham diamond checks

S$75.Click here to purchase

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taylor swift and the hunger game iphone 4 case

I need to play the game. You have to play it, whether you like it or not. They say it is a game of survival, i think I’m more than just a piece in their games.

In times like this, i know for sure-Flight is essential, but i can’t let my fear show. You’ve to go through it to get to the end of it.Like somebody says it well” My advice is-Stay alive”.

It is not just a game. It is a matter of life or death. It is a battle where you fight, you dare so that you can end the hunger for justice.

When i am so torn and worn down by all the bloodshed, the tears and the sound of breaking hearts, it is always great to hear the beautiful Taylor Swift crooning:

“ Just close your eyes,
The sun is going down.
You’ll be alright,
No one can hurt you now.
Come morning light.
You and I’ll be safe & sound. ”

I remembered you asked me ” You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him “Real”
We will definitely be safe and sound.

Taylor Swift hunger game Iphone 4 case. Price $6.99. Click here to purchase

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cath kidston spot ipad 2 case

To placate my Ipad 2 before i bring home the new ipad, i did the thing all daddies or mummies will do for their elder child-We pile them with sweets and toys.For my case, it is this cath kidston spot ipad 2 case”. It is spotty, dark and fun. At least that is what my Ipad 2 means to me. Price:US$99.90. Click here to purchase

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 new ipad 3

I was dumbfounded when the apple folks revealed the new ipad .

Apple products always left me stand in awe and wonder: how can a gadget be so beautiful, slick and easy to use?? Which genius invented that?

The new ipad got me struck beyond words except that this time it is for another reason.

How can an ipad not have a number or name to christen it, but just be called “New”???

This would be the greatest insult to anybody, least to say an Ipad.

When i saw the news of the launch, i just can’t help but feel really sorry for him.

With a name like that, i guess it sorts of prepare one that there is nothing too distinctive about this ipad, except that it is “new”.

Ok, it got a great display screen.on IOS 5.Better camera….and that is about it.

In less than a sentence, the distinctive features of this new ipad had been described.

I covered my face with shivering hands after i spoke. Horrors. Horrors. Horrors.

It is just like you have a “new” girlfriend after the same girl friend you have for the past 5 years did a botox, changed her hair style and put on some new clothes.

You still have the same girl, but she looks a bit different and hopes to make you feel that she is “new”.

As most guys will do, after you felt a bit tired of your current love life, you start to look around for hotter babes.

I had been using ipads ever since they were first launched and for the first time in my life i wonder, should i change…to android tablet???

I decided to hang around some cool gadgets joint, hook up with some guys who had android and hear them rave about their wonderful experiences with them.

The android world is a different playground all together.

You got to choose among names like samsung, motorola, asus etc etc

They comes in all shapes and sizes, have so many fancy features that makes your head spin,both from excitement and the huge amount of information you need to remember about all of them.

I am beginning to miss the innocent black & whites in the ipad world-It is true that you don’t have much choices, but life is simpler.

To take stock of what i had seen between the androids and the apples, i make up this chart to see the comparison of the different gadgets:


(click to see bigger image)


Okay, ipad is slightly heavier, slightly smaller yet not as compact as kindle if you just want to read a book.

If you measure them in sizes, plug out the electronic boards and scrutinize it, you can see for sure that there is nothing so special about ipad. In fact, a samsung galaxy measures up much better if you are looking at full entertainment enjoyment.Kindle works great as a e-reader and motorola xoom is great for work and games.Most importantly, all the android tablets are CHEAPER than an Ipad.

Just before i gleefully take a sip of my mojito and decide to take one of the android back, one thing struck me.

My little baby can’t run on android tablet.

pps tv icon
PPS影音 - ShangHai ZhongYuan Network Technology Co.,Ltd

Her name is PPS影音.

Yes she is chinese and you can’t find a word of english on her. Yet she is my greatest joy on my ipad.

Her main attraction? It is not in her black slick hair nor the sexy slit eyes. The truth is that she houses the most massive range of movies and tv series you can ever imagine which you can download for FREE.

If i can’t have her, what good is it even if i can have the most fancy android tablet???

After the bitter truth that she only live in the ipad/iphone apps store sinks in, my decision is made instantly.

I will never, ever leave my ipad




It is also then that i realize where the magic of apple lies-its massive apple apps store which attracts huge following of talented apps developer that churn high quality apps for them.

In fact, with the new ipad, these apps are said to be made or customised in order to see the prowess of the retinal display of the new ipad


iPhoto – Apple

This is like picnik or pixlr on ipad-instead of using the mouse, use your fingers  instead. With a few strokes, you can ” quickly organise and compare photos. Brush adjustments onto an image with your finger.” Sounds like doing qi gong on the ipad. Photo editing has never been so fun before.


iMovie – Apple

You can be your own movie director with this movie apps. Hollywood is within grasps!

Well, this is a season of Lent, and i guess it is easy for one to fall pray to temptations like what i nearly did. I thank god that eventually i stick to my faith. To take the leap in faith, i boldly took out my wallet and bought a  64GB apple ipad 3 to show my commitment.

No matter what it is, i will be celebrating this year’s easter with my new ipad 3 and i felt so blessed. Hallelujah. Price :$968 (64gb, wifi+4G)  click here to purchase

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